Post 6x18 forest green
(I have nothing against Pike -I actually like him- but my friend Cathy suggested this and I couldn’t resist).


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Sneak peek The Mentalist 06x19

LOL 5ever at Jane hiding behind Lisbon and Cho

IKR?! Like the good, old days… ;)

and they got there in the airstream :P


Night Train to Lisbon (2013)


"It is a mistake to believe that the crucial moments of a life when its habitual direction changes forever must be loud and shrill dramatics, washed away by fierce internal surges. This is a kitschy fairy tale started by boozing journalists, flashbulb-seeking filmmakers and authors whose minds look like tabloids. In truth, the dramatics of a life-determining experience are often unbelievably soft. It has so little akin to the bang, the flash, of the volcanic eruption that, at the moment it is made, the experience is often not even noticed. When it deploys its revolutionary effect and plunges a life into a brand-new light giving it a brand-new melody, it does that silently and in this wonderful silence resides its special nobility."


what did Bosco say to Jane on his deathbed?

what happened to JJ’s dog?

what does Jane whisper to people to get them to hit him?

what is Lisbon’s 3rd brothers name?

full confirmation of what the hell happened to Lisbon’s birthday pony wouldn’t go amiss. Even Jane is wondering! *excluding what Heller says*

So no new questions please. Just old ones answered.

thank you.

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So cute


So cute